The task of history is to deal with prominent events, not to delve into trivial minutiae, which it is as hopeless to try to investigate as to count the small indivisible bodies we Greeks call atoms which fly through empty space.
-- Ammianus Marcellinus
Maybe there are two types; those who like the film Shoot 'Em Up, and the rest of us. I like the difference; whether by culture, politics or even our taste in movies - it's the difference in us all that makes life interesting. My name is Phil and I'm a software developer. I live in England in a market town not far from the city of Bristol. However, though I've lived there for most of my life I wasn't born there. I was born a long long time ago in a land far far away. Most people refer to it as Norwich. It used to have a great burger bar called Captain America's Hamburger Heaven, but that's not important right now.

This is my personal blog, the views expressed are mine though like most I'll occasionally try on an idea for size. It's a chance to write on all manner of topics; captivating subjects such as how I got to work, how I got home from work and the evil of shepherd's pie. It's also an opportunity to write some really bad poetry. I'm sorry about that.

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