Thursday 23 October 2008


Surround sound layout
When he looked back it would be with tears of joy and a glow in his heart. Those were the halcyon days; slouched on the sofa, a pile of DVDs on the table, a cup of tea in one hand, remote control in the other… It didn't get any better. He had to acknowledge however that there might be more to life than this. How would he ever be taken seriously when he needed 5.1 surround sound to truly experience what life had to offer?

He was half way through his week away from work and already wishing he'd booked a second week of idleness; but normal life was beginning to encroach on this idol paradise. A trip to the garden centre was, he believed, only a precursor to more uninmaginable terrors.

Doubts began to play at his mind
  • Should he have read a book instead?
  • Was he guilty of using too many semi-colons?
  • Why did his wife keep making him shepherd's pie when he'd told her he wasn't too keen? Or at least he thought he had.
  • Were Liverpool FC capable of mounting a serious challenge to the title this season?
  • Is bullet pointing just a cheap way to extend your blog entry when you've run out of ideas?
  • Would anybody notice?
Not to be continued...


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