Friday 19 November 2010

There goes the holiday

When this is over I shall console myself with the thought that, not allowed to carry the days forward, I was using up holiday. The truth is that when Mrs R mentioned another Church course I was very keen that she should go, and then when she fell ill I rather selfishly rued the missed opportunity. I did get to see No Country for Old Men and The Damned United, both good films but it’s a poor return for a three day break. Add to that the school run, meals in the evening, cleaning up, badly, not sleeping well, trying to change the car battery, failing, it’s all a bit of a mess.


  1. Perhaps feels like "a bit of a mess" -- it's just a thing called Life; it's part of the human condition, I think, that the minute we have Time Off, CHORES seem to fill up our hours and scarf up our energy.
    I knew a woman who said she absolutely HAD TO work outside the home because she feared that if she didn't, Laundry would take up her entire day. That and shopping.