Tuesday 11 January 2011

And now for something completely diff… more or less the same.

The difference between an e-book and a real book: £3.04. Having recently watched the brilliant Any Human Heart I thought I’d buy the book; I considered the e-book but settled on the ‘real’ thing after discovering the electronic version was over 75% more expensive. I’m familiar with this kind of occasional discrepancy when it comes to music, but the music industry has at least matured to the point that when I download an album it’s free of DRM and in a format I can play using any brand of player. If I buy an e-book for my Kindle I am effectively bound to Amazon hardware. Yes, there are applications for reading your purchases on various LCD devices, but these aren’t suitable for extended reading; unless you’re OK with multiple breaks to recharge the battery and the (debatable) increased risk of eyestrain.

Ironically though, it’s the increased eyestrain that may make me choose an e-book over the physical form next time around; on opening the book I find I have to hold it at arm’s length. It’s either that or ‘upgrade’ my glasses.


  1. Oh the joys of 40 plus eyes, I was helping my daughter with homework tonight and the print looked all blurred. I started off with the book too close to my face and I had to slowly bring it into focus by edging it back away from me until I finally I was holding it at arms length. I REFUSE to go and get glasses, well, just yet. Happy New Year Phil!

  2. Good for you. Never surrender!

  3. I've been thinking about that benefit of an ereader,too, as I fiddle with my reading glasses. When I can find them, that is.