Thursday 22 March 2012

The poor should pay

Another budget and if you believe the calculator on the BBC website (what kind of simpletons use such things?) I’ll be £100/year better off. Usual lefty rubbish regarding the 50p rate being lowered, never mind whether it’s effective they’re predictably displaying their ‘tax as a punishment’ credentials. Who’d have thought tax should be about raising revenue with the lowest impact; certainly not the Labour party. Of most interest is this theme, for which we can thank the Liberal party, of excusing the lower paid from paying anything; I read one who fancifully described it as an obscenity that those on minimum wage should pay any tax, and it’s not limited to those on the left, Conservatives seem bound to hold the same view; I don’t.

For all the good intentions, such beliefs marginalise those they’re meant to help, entrench a ‘them and us’; those who contribute and those who don’t. This isn’t about worth, it’s about upkeep; I don’t know many - aside a few libertarian wingnuts - who believe society (however we define it) has no cost and are thus unwilling to pay. If we believe we should be in this together (putting aside the issue of whether we are) then we should share the responsibility in addition to the benefit. Though for the lower paid this may be token, or cancelled for administrative - not social - reasons, the principle should remain; everyone has a stake.


  1. "...everyone has a stake." President Obama says that, too: "We all have a stake" in the society we share in common.

    Here in U.S. round-the-clock loudpundits, cable tv & "talk-radio" have got many convinced all taxes are bad; people join the rant. ... I feel like, You know, if you're against taxes, then don't drive on the roads. I invite some of these guys , when they're driving through town, to avoid the road which was paid for by taxes, & instead drive across my front lawn. Drive over my front lawn and the front lawns on my neighbors. And then see what happens.

    (Sometimes wonder if the media-opinion-screamers actually create more stupidity in populace, or if they merely give already-existing stupidity a "home" ...)

  2. I founded the 'Intelligent Decline' party in jest, but now, I don't know, it doesn't seem quite so funny.