Wednesday 3 October 2012

Zombie apocalypse preparation update

“The best place to hide” I mused some time ago whilst waiting by the fountain in The Mall at Cribbs Causeway - where all the cool kids hang out - “the best place to hide in the event of a zombie apocalypse would be John Lewis”. A rather childish thought I realised on a subsequent visit to their top floor; whilst the escalators to the food hall are easily blocked off, I hadn’t taken account of the elevators. “Can zombies operate elevators?” I wondered. I still do, I can’t remember from The Walking Dead whether they can even use doors, but I think the thing is, with all those flailing arms someone - or rather something - is going to get through unless you lock it up/down.

And then there are the emergency exits. And staff access. We’re going to have to do something about that.


  1. We posit as to whether or not zombies can swim. We've decided that they can't, but they can shuffle along the bottom of the rivers here in coastal South Carolina. . . where they'll promptly get stuck in the pluff mud. I think we'll be safe if we surround ourselves with pluff mud and ocean.

  2. I'd build a tree house with ropes as the only access. I bet they can't climb there :) Plus, a great view to shoot some of them :)