Saturday 2 February 2013

Happy deadline day

In an act of supreme (really?) irony, though I’m never sure what that is nowadays and after all my complaining - which I so enjoyed - at Apple’s culpability in something or other, I received an iPod Touch for Christmas. It’s not quite the latest model so I estimate three years from now I’ll find I’m repeating myself; as Apple themselves might say, three years seems like an awfully long time....

I have been busy in general but particularly this week. My now ex-development partner left for pastures new, which in addition to being a surprise was a real shame since he was great to work with. The job itself continues to inspire, overload and a whole set of other adjectives that add up to scary fun. I am at that place where several things have begun to properly click, yet in addition to ‘getting it’ I’m aware of just how much there is still to get; I like the challenge. So with unexpected news I found myself staying overnight at the north-end of the country, running through a few of those things I still didn’t get, fitting in a meeting or two before travelling home and having to stop - for I was knackered - on both the M6 and M5 for extra-shot coffee.

The following morning I was tired with a full day and faced with deadlines that had nothing to do with work. Football, blog - so that I’d have something to show for January (I needn’t say how that went) and to fill in my tax return. Aforementioned work meant leaving this to the very last day, something it seems I did last year though I can’t recall last year’s excuse. This time however I’ll fill in that form or dial that number and try to opt out of the nightmare that is wondering where you’ve put your P60. And this time, this time I mean it (© 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 etc.)


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