Thursday 4 October 2007

Bad sport

East European countries of the old Soviet bloc could be distinguished from the rest of Europe in three key ways.
  • First was the use of the word 'democratic'; as in 'German Democratic Republic'. Was it irony or were they just taking the piss?
  • Second was their love for the colour grey, putting aside the issue of whether grey is a colour.
  • Thirdly was the highlighting of any sports related triumph to mask their own failure.
An obsession with sporting success has been a feature common to all manner of unsavoury regimes so it's somewhat unsettling to find organisations in Britain fixating in the same way. Whatever happened to the belief, dare I whisper it, that winning isn't nearly as important as 'being the best that you can be'. This noble ethos has long since been corrupted to 'being the best no matter what'; a belief that leaves many feeling impotent in their ability to effect a worthwhile change in the lives of others.

Sport used in such a way, instead of inspiring people to lead more active lives, pushes them further back into their comfortable sofas whilst they no doubt bemoan the lack of sporting success.

What time's the football on?


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