Thursday 12 August 2010

Game over

I miss Arcadians, or Galaxians if you will; life was simple. A collection of blue, yellow or red pixels would swoop down in a jagged pattern whilst you timed your highly advanced one-shot cannon to take the little bastard out; miss and you were in a world of pain. You knew exactly what to expect, each level getting quicker until finally you were overwhelmed. Today the game offers an illusion of movement in all directions, tantalising players with a hope of victory. Back then it was more honest, day after day, more and more of the same and the sure knowledge that you would never ever win.


  1. I came back from holiday and *poof* you were gone....good to see you are still over here. I'm having a hiatus from writing (ok...I lie, I have writers block) so my blogger is temporarily closed until some inspiration returns ;0)