Monday 11 July 2011


Saturday afternoon, despite being switched off the house alarm malfunctioned, and has been sounding off ever since; every few hours to keep me on my toes. I’d remain on my toes if I weren’t so tired; so tired I can’t even write a lucid sentence. Thanks to the internet I know the problem is a rechargeable battery, or a faulty control panel, or... I do know that it will cost at least £75 to fix. After being woken up at around 6am on Sunday morning and disturbed throughout the day, the ‘rechargeable battery’ hint prompted me to part-set the alarm last night, which seemed to work though by then it was too late. Not knowing when (or if) you’re going to be troubled by a sudden loud klaxon puts you on edge for those quiet moments in between. I’m so tired I even gave up on Michael Clayton, which was shaping up to be a great film; so tired I’ve started to repeat myself.


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