Friday 23 December 2011

The goldfish lives

My last day was also the most tiring I can remember; I was overwhelmed with a need to sleep, and not a drop of drink contributed to that feeling - well, maybe a little. The first day following was dropping off presents and picking one up - a goldfish. I successfully avoided the cat; I can only hope this alternative will prove less expensive after a frightening amount spent on a tank; it cost so much it ought to clean itself.

The next day the guinea pig died. Grief - if that’s not too strong a word - is so difficult to witness in a child, but a garden burial, a Jaqueline Wilson book and a day to remember has eased the loss, if not all the tears. I’m sure I read somewhere of pets being useful in teaching children about death. This time I didn’t mention heaven, though I have in the past. In the time we have - I tried to say - we love those around us and are loved in return; we love and are loved, that’s what life is.


  1. what a beautiful goldfish photo
    --and thoughts are with you for Guinea Pig (I remember them as being much fun, when I was 10 & 11...)
    ...& the Churchill speech to which you sent me a Comment: the thing I notice with that, many of us think it said, "we will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them in the hills..."
    --but it isn't "fight *them*" -- it's just "fight"...