Tuesday 17 July 2012

Whine like you mean it

The anti-Olympic dirge has lessened from its opening crescendo of complaint aimed at Olympic traffic lanes, they’re back to whining about everything - truly this is the age of social media. There are times you have to throw your hands in the air - exasperation, not surrender - I get it, you don’t like the Olympics. And fair enough, the heavy-handed enforcement of commercial rights has been unedifying, the level of security frightening; it is, I find, a little too close for total enjoyment; I’m one of those hoping it can go off without anything really bad happening.

But my daughter doesn’t see this, she’s really excited, and one who doesn’t normally care for sport. Her attention is drawn to whether Usain Bolt is still the fastest man in the world, whether her original inspiration, Rebecca Adlington, will win again. And the enthusiasm of one ten year old trumps the practiced cynicism of countless others every time; the rest of you can shut up, I’m going to enjoy myself too, or at least try.


  1. Have you seen the Lloyds TSB advert? They send a bloody great big train, right into the stadium.

    If they'd done that for real that'd trump my cynicism; and negate the need for the Olympic lanes.

    Plus it would make for an amazing steeple chase

  2. "The enthusiasm of one ten-year-old trumps the practiced cynicism..." : )
    And -- love James's Comment, though do not understand all of it -- like modern art, it pleases me even if cannot identify all details and nuances of it...(haven't followed Olympic news, beg pardon for my [necessary] State Of Unplugged-ness).