Sunday 14 March 2010


Wings of Desire
Against expectations I found time to watch Wings of Desire, but I needed a couple of strong coffees as I was feeling very tired. I’ll pay for that later. It was poetic, hypnotic and I liked the background; but if I were to make one criticism it would be the scene at the bar/lounge - too many words. I can’t think of another way to phrase that and I know it makes me sound like a Neanderthal, an opinion that will be hardened when I mention another film with the same problem; Before Sunrise. In all other respects it’s an unfair comparison since it was one minor quibble of a film that was otherwise excellent; whereas Before Sunrise, consumed with its own importance, was self indulgent crap - though I’ll bet fans of Dawson’s Creek loved it.

Ouch, that sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? It’s the last film I can remember not watching to the end. I’m fanatical about such things, even complete rubbish, so I must have had some kind of allergic reaction to stop after less than half an hour. But hey, I’ll be magnanimous, I’ll give it a second chance, I just pray that at some point Ethan Hawke pauses for breath. It was the second time he’d let me down, having gone to see Reality Bites at the cinema and being tempted to walk out after – oh – about thirty minutes. Annoying, but I’d paid good money (whatever that means) so I endured the tale of obnoxious-little-jerk meets girl, obnoxious-little-jerk wins girl; I guess it was back in the days when being an obnoxious little jerk was – like – cool – yeah?


  1. I had same reaction to "Reality Bites" -- that's been a while!

    About not watching a film all the way through: at Boston University my Italian professoressa told us that in Italy it was not uncommon at all to have people walking out in protest regarding something they disagreed with in the film, or didn't think it was the filmmaker's best work.

    We students were fascinated with that. (Those tempestuous Italians!)

    Then a few years ago a movie called "Kill Bill" came to our theater: I'd read hype on it, pushed myself to give the edge a chance, and when the disgusting, gratuitous violence reached a certain point, and hadn't been made up for with plot or witty dialogue, I said to myself, "This is two hours of my life I'll never get back," and I left. I was "out" the money, but at least I had the remainder of my time, for Writing something more uplifting than that.

    Or -- doing ANYTHING ELSE but watching that film!

  2. Kill Bill - that's a terrible terrible film - something I argue over with friends all the time!