Monday 8 March 2010

A weekend of Internet Explorer, Jessica Alba and air hockey

Miniature air hockey table
So much happened, but not to me. I continued my voyage of discovery with HTML/CSS and had that light-bulb moment when I started to realise why so many people have it in for Internet Explorer. I wasn’t one of them and I’m still not, but I get the frustration. Then there were the Fantastic Four films, yes I watched them both, featuring the air-brushed perfect Jessica Alba. They’re enjoyable fluff and to me the most comic-book like of all the recent comic book adaptations. But most of the weekend was spent on a Christmas present from my parents. Thirty years too late they bought me the ultimate gift and after putting it together this weekend I’ve been practicing how to lose to Little Miss R at air hockey. It’s a lot of fun.


  1. Is that a full size table?

  2. If only - but it does have a power supply providing the cushion of air - so the puck flies around like the 'real' thing.