Wednesday 6 October 2010

Not so fine

Damn it, I have been laid low by a Tesco finest steak pie or possibly a bug that I’ve caught from Mrs R – it’s safer to blame Tesco. It was a rubbish pie though, I’d have preferred a steak bake from Greggs and I base this seemingly harsh judgement on a globby bit of fat that left me unable to eat the rest. A reminder that if I want really good food I should skip the supermarket convenience and make the most of the farmer’s market, though it only visits twice a month. To top it off the re-packaged Tesco vanilla cheesecake to which they’ve added a hint more vanilla essence, the word “finest” and an extra thirty pence, is no better than the previous version. Why am I surprised?


  1. I fell for that 'finest' range whilst visiting the UK earlier this year - trading standards ought to have them for that one.

    The youngest member of our household was also extremely disappointed with Tesco blueberry muffins. She loves her food and is a bit of a connosieur, she reckons said blueberry muffins can't hold a candle to Morrisons - I had to physically restrain her from writing an email of complaint to the top dogs over at Tesco ;-))

  2. You should have let her write that letter. Maybe they will come to there senses if our children write, who knows though. What are senses when it comes to big business.