Thursday 23 December 2010

Accent this day

A blog is good for many things, though I'm not sure what makes a good blog. One moment I decry the tribalism of political life, the next I'm all too happy putting the boot in. Last night I had a dig at those complaining about Russell Crowe's accent, today I say the following:
...except for the accents in Oliver Stone's Alexander; those were terrible.
They were rubbish; which unfortunately says as much about me as it does the film.


  1. I must admit that I can't quite pick out a fake non-American accent unless I know for certain the actor is American. But sometimes I watch British television programs and find that when someone from the US is portrayed, I listen harder to determine if the actor is "doing" an American accent. Often I can pick that out because the actor is just a little more clear in his/her speech than an American would be. We are very sloppy speakers in general.

  2. As a completely unscientific answer I'd say Scandinavians speak the best English - certainly not the English anyway!

    And when it comes to English actors 'doing' an American accent, I'll never get used to Michael Caine - he never convinces me but I wonder if it's because I know his real accent so well? Having said that I know Hugh Laurie from before he did House and he sounds like a genuine American to me, despite me knowing what he really sounds like... but that's from an Englishman who gets his American accents from television!