Saturday 4 December 2010

I grow old

Up front disclaimer: apart from the aches I rather like growing old. And the worsening eyesight, the need for sleep, I never use to need sleep, apart from these things. And losing my train of thought, the sense that I’ve not always been the person I once imagined I would be. I know I haven’t. Not keen on death either, or more accurately the pain that often precedes it. And I’m trying to be less judgemental. But this thing about getting more so as you get older is complete bollocks. I think that must be my favourite swear word – in that I seem to use it a lot. On this blog anyway. But it is you know, bollocks, though you’re right to point out I would say that, wouldn’t I.


  1. As far as being older makes one more judgmental is concerned, I have read research that indicates weakening in that area of the brain which, shall we say, restricts movement from the center of judgment to the mouth. In other words, our inhibitions are lower than in our youth and we are more liable to tell it like we see it.

    So we are just as judgmental as we were in our youth, but, well, you know bloggers...

  2. Does "bollocks" mean the same as "bullshit"?
    RE: getting "older" --
    A four- or five-year-old girl recently asked me, after I said, "When I was your age...etc.":
    "You used to be a little girl, before??!" Incredulous.
    ------------Bob Dylan: "I was so much older then; I'm younger than that now."

  3. Carson, I must listen to some Bob Dylan - I know you're a fan! "bollocks" is probably very anglo-saxon & I'd imagine "bullshit" (which of course I also use, but try not to!) a good equivalent.