Thursday 9 December 2010

Boggis and Bunce and Bean and Ruse

Boggis and Bunce and Bean and Ruse
One fat, one short, one lean, one obtuse
Three with the money
The other not funny
“He came out of nowhere” his excuse
Despite earlier protestations it turns out I could kill an animal. Goodbye Mr Fox; you were fantastic – until I hit you with my car.


  1. Oooh.
    That's a sad moment; accidents happen -- wild animals really don't have it in their DNA, or collective memory or whatever, to avoid traffic.
    They just -- run.
    You can buy "deer whistles" (maybe in U.K. they call them something else, I don't know) -- they're small, inexpensive; you have someone attach them to front of your vehicle & if you're going 50mph or more, the wind rushing through the deer whistles creates a high, annoying sound that animals can hear (we cannot) -- they tend to avoid that sound, and you're less likely to hit them. I've seen deer actually turn around and run the other way, back into the field, instead of across the highway.

    Some people scoff at deer whistles and say they don't work. (How can you explain to someone who's convinced he's right: "The reason YOU cannot hear the deer whistles is because you're a school superintendent, NOT a DEER - !" [mental head slap])

  2. Oh no. I hit a rabbit a couple of years ago and felt so guilty because it was in front of my kids' school. The next morning, as I dropped the kids off, I had to face what I'd done.

    Poor Fox.